Christine Renee Miller



I enjoy wearing many creative hats. I am an actor, writer, director, and teacher. Hollywood called me from Dallas to Los Angeles at the mature age of 15… my parents were very supportive and naive. Thankfully, I was a good kid who was lucky enough to land wonderful agents who protected me in the industry. My first acting role was a guest star as a mean girl on one of America’s most popular shows, Sister, Sister. From there, I starred on other hit shows like Party of Five, Moesha, Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper, and even experienced the fast-paced world of soap operas on General Hospital. During the early 2000s, I started directing and dove headfirst into a hit production of Fiddler on the Roof in the small college town of Hamilton, NY (my time there was exciting and weird and deserves its own paragraph in a different bio).

After my first experience directing, I caught that bug and moved to New York City. It was in NY where I wrote and performed my first solo show, Baby Cow, in FringeNYC which led to a carved out niche in the solo world. In addition to being a performer, I became the go-to director for solo shows as well as a teacher of the solo craft. I have personally fostered over 60 shows as a teacher with the highly respected GO-SOLO writing workshops in which I partner with founder and Emmy winning writer, Matt Hoverman. My newest solo show, Such Nice Shoes, has had several NYC runs at the beautiful and prestigious white box space of TheaterLab and is also in the early stages of development for a new television series. If you don’t catch me on the stage, you can always see me on BULL (CBS), in the dark comedy Search Party (TBS), and recurring as the snarky M.E. on Blue Bloods (CBS).

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The final hat I don is of the culinary kind. My famous line of sweet and savory cookies is all the rage…amongst a few followers. Check out the new @savouriesnyc account on Insta and get your mouth watering. Rosemary cookies anyone?


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